Hi-Fi Rush headlines PLAY's first Xbox cover

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We never thought we’d see the day but here we are: Xbox games on PlayStation. Yup, that’s right - we’re green with envy no more. But as momentous an occasion as this is, that’s not the only surprising reappearance; Unknown 9: Awakening also enjoys a grand reintroduction, and indie darling In Stars and Time pops back for seconds this month in PLAY #39, which is out right now!

But that’s not all - you thought we were done with Final Fantasy after last issue’s takeover special? On top of our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review, we’re also diving back into Final Fantasy XIV in our Ultimate Companion supplement.

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Xbox On PS5

PLAY Magazine

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With Hi-Fi Rush leading the charge, we investigate how this banger sets the rhythm for Xbox games on PlayStation 5. Our lead feature not only dips a toe into Sea of Thieves, Grounded, and much more besides, but also offers reviews of Tango Gameworks’ latest bop and illuminated manuscript page turner Pentiment.

Stellar Blade hacks our Previews to bits

PLAY Magazine

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We also get to grips with slick and sexy Stellar Blade in our lead preview. With a wardrobe to die for and super sized boss battles, we’re excited to get both hands on this post-apocalyptic action.

Also in previews: Zenless Zone Zero, Sand Land, Until Then, and more!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is our biggest review ever

PLAY Magazine

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In our lead Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review, we alternate between getting misty eyed, asking what it all means, and getting our SOLDIER fit wrecked by mischievous moogle minigames. The series mascots have undergone a divisive redesign, and we’re torn between deciding whether this take on moogles is ‘delightful’ or more ‘definitely watches us as we sleep.’ What do you think?

Also in reviews: Helldivers 2, Balatro, Penny’s Big Breakaway, and more!

Knowing Unknown 9: Awakening

PLAY Magazine

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Quiet for a few years, this project is slamming its alarm clock for a grand reintroduction. Unknown 9: Awakening is an action adventure game that forms just one corner of a wider story universe featuring novel series, comic books, and scripted podcasts.

The face of Awakening is none other than actor Anya Chalotra, famed for her portrayal of Yennefer of Vengerberg from Netflix’s The Witcher series. Team Yennefer ‘til the end, we’re already sold on this - but wait until we tell you about Unknown 9: Awakening’s body-hopping combat.

Also in Insider: Eden Ring’s DLC, Ys X: Nordics finally gets an English language release, talking with Abubakar Salim about Tales Of Kenzera: Zau; 'should Hidden Agenda be revived?’, and more!

Breaking The Cycle

PLAY Magazine

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Ready for a replay? We go back for round two in our In Stars and Time Making Of feature. Game developer Adrienne Bazir lays it all out in black and white, talking time loops, running circles around mechanics, and unexpected twists on an RPG.

Bonus mag! Final Fantasy 14: The Ultimate Companion

PLAY Magazine

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After its recent big birthday, MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV shows no signs of slowing down. The Ultimate Companion supplement not only sets its sights on upcoming expansion Dawntrail - with even a few pointers for fresh faced Warriors of Light looking to jump aboard - but also looks back at the 14 best story moments over the game’s decade-spanning fable.

Looting RetroStation

PLAY Magazine

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For this month's RetroStation, Lara Croft helps us dust off the treasures with a lookback at Tomb Raider 3. And there's more to uncover too... We also celebrate Days Gone's 5th anniversary (time flies when you're on a motorbike), revisit Resistance: Retribution, and more besides.

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