Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 is "off to the races already," according to its director, who also wants to be "done with this absolute marathon of projects"

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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The director of Final Fantasy 7 Remake says Part 3 is "off to the races already," but that he's ready to be "done" with this "absolute marathon of projects."

On April 1, three of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's developers—creative director Tetsuya Nomura, scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, and composer Nobuo Uematsu—hosted a Special Talk Session on the Square Enix Music YouTube channel, during which the group discussed what went into creating the remake series. 

During the talk, Uematsu turns to Nomura and says: "It has to be mentally taxing, trying to recreate something you put to bed decades ago, but with the latest technology, and for a whole new generation." To which the director responds: "Years ago, during the planning phase, I knew the kind of commitment a project like this would require."

"Part of me didn't want to do it. I could already see how much work this was going to be, and once we got started, there was no throwing in the towel halfway through," Nomura admits. "You can't leave things on a cliffhanger. You're stuck now. It's a massive undertaking. From the moment production started, I wanted it to end. At least now we're finally past the midway point." 

Unsurprisingly, considering the scale of each Final Fantasy 7 Remake game, Nomura is eager to wrap up Cloud and Sephiroth's reimagined journey. "Personally, I want to be done with this absolute marathon of projects," the developer explains before addressing the games' composer: "Since you worked on the first and second games in the series, it stands to reason that you have to come back for the third." 

"Not that we've made it official yet," Nomura adds, "but I'd like to believe you're a lock for the next title? You'll do it, right? Again, this isn't an official statement or offer. Just a gentlemen's agreement, maybe? You will come back for the third game, right?" Thankfully, Uematsu responds: "It'd be my honor."

Visibly relieved, Nomura then reveals: "Nojima and I are hard at work on it. We're off to the races already." The developer then asks Uematsu if he's up for the challenge of working on Part 3 and how he plans to surpass the songs he's already composed for Remake and Rebirth. To which the composer says: "For starters, I'm gonna take a vacation," which is well deserved.

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