Apex Legends update breaks the game so hard that players lose hundreds of account levels and months of battle pass progress, Respawn tells players to "hang tight"

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Widespread reports of account resets in Apex Legends have the community in a panic, and while developer Respawn has issued an update to prevent anyone else from being affected, players who've lost progress are now playing the waiting game.

"We've rolled out an update to address this issue," Respawn says in a tweet. "Any account logging in now will not experience any lost progress or content. For players who are missing progress or content after our update this morning - please hang tight for now. We're working on an additional fix to restore your accounts to their state before our update, and we'll let you know as soon as it's ready." You can follow the devs on social media for the latest details. 

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Earlier today, players who logged into Apex Legends began to receive a message noting that "cross progression is here" - in fact, cross progression has already been here for several months. From there, it seems numerous players have logged in to find big chunks of their account progress being reset, with some even finding that all their stats have been erased.

The issue has been widespread enough that the Apex Legends subreddit has locked down to stem the tide of posts from panicked players. Discussion is now limited to a handful of megathreads where players are commiserating over their lost progress. The details vary from player to player, but reports tend to include the loss of hundreds of account levels, total battle pass wipes, and even a few devastating lost heirlooms.

It's been a bad few weeks for the battle royale, with a major Apex Legend tournament affected by mid-game hacks and Respawn promising a "layered series of updates" to protect players. Here's hoping today's account wipes get resolved quickly.

5 years later, Apex Legends is finally overhauling its systems enough to convince me to pick it back up again.

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